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My Dear friends and visitors,

The 2nd National Pan-Hellenic Welding Conference is scheduled on Thursday, 07 November 2013, in Maroussi / Athens, in Auditorium DAIS, and implemented under the auspices of the Ministries of Energy & Climate Change and Merchant Marine.

Alongside the conference, an exhibition will evolve with major players in the industry of metal construction, inspection bodies and commercials of machines & consumables as well as scientific associations and media.

Simultaneously, during the process of the Conference will be delivered by personalities of the economic, social and political life, degrees of 25 new International Welding Engineers, which now stands in our country already 45, recognized by the Welding Greek Institute.

The 2nd National Conference Weld is a hub of communication and internationalization of Greek firms in the steel structure, and I personally feel, that involvement by all of us, is important and useful, in expanding the field of welding in all areas of activities affected by it, such quality and safety.

To all of you, my best wishes for a good and productive autumn.


Sincerely Yours,

Tzaferis Meletios



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