Saturday, 15 March 2014 09:00

My Dear friends and visitors,

as long as the crisis in South Europe and Greece is maturing like a given social situation, the more embedded the idea that «development» is the indispensable tool for a way out of this.
The «development», beyond and outside the institutional framework that defines the rules of engagement and business licensing, is mainly planning, vision, as well a success strategy and simultaneously social cohesion.

At the heart of any «development strategy and policy», is the human being, with the unique qualities of the designer, manufacturer, worker or consumer.
The lack of «development» in a country or market or society if you like, favours the concentration of wealth in few, but contrary the steady growth rate, ensures equitable wealth distribution as well as the diffusion of resources available, to a wider range of the population, which is the desired over time.

A key element and component for the success of the «Development» is the professional skills of each of us, the possibility that each person can analyze and synthesize during the process of work production.
That means the personal integrity, which includes anyone involved with generating added value during work, but also to during social activities, carrying on from generation to generation the accumulated experience, knowledge and expertise that already holds.

Special emphasis on economic growth and social cohesion, has acquired over time, the so-called adequacy Professional Expertise in technical professions. Technical professions ability as well as the level of expertise & know how of the working community of a country, is really crucial for placing a high level of market competition. The technology can be easily imported from other markets, innovation is also usually copied, but the quality experience and specialized technical competence of the productive human potential of a country built on past many decades, inherited from generation to generation, is a matter of education, and cannot grow in a medium term time schedule. It is indeed in my opinion, the most important asset of a society which claims for a better tomorrow.

In my capacity as a Mechanical Engineer, but also as official representative of the Greek Institute of Welding, in the last years constantly promote in Greece and Cyprus the so-called technical professions, serving a set of principles aimed at strengthening the competitiveness of our country and the expansion of business environment.

And although somebody can argue that the technical expertise of human resources and workforce is not the future of our country, to assure you that without that technical expertise of our people, without that quality of workforce in all sectors, future in National level there will be for none, including those who currently happen possess richness.

Sincerely Yours,

Tzaferis Meletios